Little Bunting (Emberiza pusilla)

Little Bunting  Emberiza pusilla

 Rather like a small Reed Bunting (and requiring great care when identifying migrants in autumn), the Little Bunting is a bird of the far north. It breeds in the vast taiga zone with mixed coniferousand birch forest. Rarely, one or two may winter in western Europe.

It is, like many buntings, very much a ground bird most of the time, scuttling about on or very close to ground level even when disturbed. Generally rather quiet and unobtrusive, it is easy to overlook.

VOICE Call short, sharp, ticking zik; song short, high, mixed warble with clicking,rasping, and whistled notes.

NESTING Nest of grass and moss, in hollow on ground under bush; 4 or 5 eggs;1 brood; May–June.

FEEDING Eats insects in summer; picks seeds from ground in autumn.

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