Serin (Serinus serinus)

A tiny, bouncy, colourful finch with sharp, spluttering calls, the Serin is characteristic of many Mediterranean areas. Males sing from the tops of spindly conifers, or in a fast, fluttery song-flight. Although superficially like other green and yellow finches, the Serin is generally easily identified in its usual range. However, various possible escaped cage birds have to be ruled out when identifying a potential out-of-range vagrant, including dull, streaky young Canaries.

VOICE Silvery, rapid trill, zirr-r-r-r-r-r; rising tuweee; song very quick, sharp, jingling or breaking glass quality, trills and twitters, often in stiff-winged song-flight.

NESTING Tiny, hair-lined cup of grass and moss in tree or bush; 4 eggs; 2 or 3 broods; May-July.

FEEDING Eats tiny seeds, mostly from ground or on low-growing plants.

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