Scarlet Rosefinch (Carpodacus erythrinus)

Several species of Rosefinches are widespread across Asia but only this one breeds in Europe. It is a bright, sturdy finch with a thick, bulky bill and small dark eyes in a plain face, giving a distinctive expression in all plumages. It has shown a tendency to spread westwards in recent years, with sporadic breeding even in Great Britain; singing males may turn up in early summer in unexpected places.This may or may not lead to long-term colonization; other species, such as the Serin, have shown a similar pattern without properly establishing themselves.

VOICE Short, ascending whistle, vuee or tsoee; song soft, rhythmic, whistling sequence.

NESTING Small neat grass nest low in bush;4 or 5 eggs; 1 or 2 broods; May-July.

FEEDING Feeds on seeds, buds, shoots, and some insects, found in bushes or on ground.

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