Redpoll (Carduelis flammea)

Typically a treetop bird, the Redpoll can also be found with Linnets in weedy fields, or feeding on the ground under birches where vast amounts of seeds have fallen. Most often, however, Redpoll groups feed, frequently with Siskins, in trees and move between treetops in noisy, well- coordinated flocks, circling together and often returning to the same tree after being disturbed.They may effectively “disappear” instantly on settling, becoming quiet and unobtrusive as they feed.

VOICE Flight call particularly hard, staccato chattering, metallic chuchuchuchuchuchuch, loud twangy tsooeee; song in flight combines chatter with fast, thin, reeling trill, trreeeeee.

NESTING Cup of twigs and grasses, lined with hair or wool, in bush or tree;4-6 eggs; 1 or 2 broods;May-July.

FEEDING Mostly feeds in trees, on seeds, such as birch, alder, and larch, but also on or near ground in weedy fields and under birch trees.

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