Linnet (Carduelis cannabina)

A small, lively, sociable finch, the Linnet breeds in small colonies and feeds in flocks all year round. Flocks move together, tightly coordinated, unlike the looser aggregations formed by Chaffinches. They are ground feeders, while Redpolls and Siskins are mostly tree feeders and Goldfinches feed on tall herbs; at times most finches can be found together in mixed flocks. Linnets prefer waste ground with plentiful seeding plants and bushes, or hedgerows, in which to nest.

VOICE Light, twittering, chattering flight call tidit tidititit, nasal tseeoo; song musical, quite rich, varied warbling with chattering intermixed, often chorus from flocks.

NESTING Neat little nest of stems and roots, lined with hair;4-6 eggs; 2 or 3 broods; April-July.

FEEDING Often feeds in groups all year, on seeds, taken from ground; young fed on insects; rarely comes to gardens.

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