Greenfinch (Carduelis chloris)

This large, stocky, thick-billed finch breeds in loose groups in tall trees, old hedges, overgrown gardens, and orchards, and is a frequent garden visitor in winter, either to feeders or to shrubs with berries. Where common, Greenfinches gather into large feeding flocks, flying up together in a rush, more like Linnets and sparrows than Chaffinches. Adults are easily identified, but duller juveniles can be more troublesome at times.

VOICE Flight call fast, light, tinny chatter, tit-it-it-it-it, loud, nasal tzoo-eee, hard jup-jup-jup; fine song series of staccato trills of varying pace and quality, some metallic and thin, others full, musical, with droning, buzzy dzweee intermixed; often in flight chup-chup-chup, chip-ipipip chrYrYrYr, tit-it-it-it-it chup-up.

NESTING Bulky nest of grass and twigs, lined with finer stems, hair, and feathers, in thick bushes or trees; 4-6 eggs; 1 or 2 broods; April-July.

FEEDING Eats seeds, from trees to short plants, many taken from ground; also feeds on berries and nuts; visits bird-tables and feeders.

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