Citril Finch (Serinus citrinella)

A small, neat finch, with a combination of soft grey, pale lemon-yellow, and apple-green on its body and boldly barred wings, the Citril Finch is a bird of high altitude forest- edge habitats. It feeds on the ground or in trees in clearings or around grassy Alpine meadows within easy reach of spruce trees. It is usually found in small groups or family parties, looking puzzlingly like subtly marked Siskins or small, dull Greenfinches at first.

VOICE Various quick flight calls, short tek or te-te-te; song quick, varied, rambling warble with wheezy notes and buzzy trills.

NESTING Nest of grass and lichens, lined with plant down, high in tree; 4 or 5 eggs;1 or 2 broods; May-July.

FEEDING Feeds on seeds, both from trees and on ground beneath.

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