Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)

One of Europe’s most abundant birds, the Chaffinch forms an obvious species pair with the Brambling.The two often feed together outside the breeding season; their general shape, pattern, and behaviour are very similar. Chaffinches breed in separate territories, proclaimed by males singing loudly from prominent perches, but they are social birds at other times.They are often very tame, coming for food in car parks and picnic sites and frequently visiting gardens.

VOICE Flight call short, single, soft chup, frequent loud pink! in spring, loud hweetjilip; song bright, cheery, rattled phrase with a flourish, chi-chip-chip\ chirichirchiri cheeip-tcheweeoo.

NESTING Neat, perfectly camouflaged cup of grass, leaves, moss, cobweb, and lichen, against trunk of tree or bush; 4 or 5 eggs; 1 brood; April-May.

FEEDING Eats insects in summer, mostly caterpillars from foliage; otherwise takes seeds, shoots, and berries; visits bird-tables for seed mixtures, especially sunflower seeds.

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