Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)

A pest in some areas, but seriously declining in many, the Bullfinch is a quiet, inconspicuous bird despite its bold plumage. It uses its round bill to feed on soft buds, flowers, and shoots rather than hard seeds, usually feeding in pairs or family groups. If disturbed, it moves out of sight through a thicket or hedge. Its whistled calls are then highly distinctive. It does not visit bird-tables or feeders, although it may come to gardens in spring to raid flowering fruit trees.

VOICE Call low, soft, clear whistles, slightly descending,peuuw, deu, or phiu; song infrequent, creaky pea-whistle quality, with calls intermixed.

NESTING Cup of twigs, lined with moss and grass, in bush or tree;4 or 5 eggs; 2 broods;April-June.

FEEDING Eats soft buds, seeds, berries, shoots, and some invertebrates, from low bushes and shrubs, occasionally on ground.

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