Brambling (Fringilla montifringilla)

Generally less common and not nearly so ubiquitous as the Chaffinch, the Brambling can nevertheless gather in gigantic flocks in winter, especially in central Europe. In the west, their numbers fluctuate from year to year with the food supply, especially tree seeds such as beech-mast. Spring males can often be seen in fine summer plumage in their winter quarters before they migrate.

VOICE Flight call slightly harder than Chaffinch, single tchek, distinctive nasal tsweek; song includes deep, nasal, buzzing dzeeee note like Greenfinch.

NESTING Cup of lichen, bark, roots, and stems, lined with hair and feathers; 5-7 eggs; 1 brood; May-June. FEEDING Eats insects in summer, seeds at other times; often on ground feeding on beech-mast.

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